Basic Tips For Google Search – 3 Tips To Get Better Results From Google

July 8, 2011 - Posted by Tolzoh
Are you trying to search for something and even Google search can’t help you find it? Well, this usually happens when you are unaware of the basic search methods for getting better Google search results. For instance, searching for a new cell phone model will simply give you millions of results if you just type in cell phones in Google. Therefore, following are some tips that will make Google search easier for you.

Note: Inverted commas “” will be used throughout this article to signal a search query. For instance, “apples and oranges” is one query, whereas “apples” and “oranges” are two separate queries. 

Basic Tips For Better Search Results 

1.       Keep Your Search Simple

Entering an entire phrase or a sentence will not give you accurate results because it might include more than one keyword. The search results that you will get by this method will include a number of websites, including the things that you are not even looking for or don’t need to know about. For instance, you are looking for a “pizza restaurant,” so just searching for “pizza” will give you results from all over the world. The best way to keep things simple is by entering some more keywords with it that describes what you really want. For instance, “pizza restaurants in Chicago” or “best pizza in Chicago” or “best pizza restaurants downtown Chicago” will give you more relevant results. In the same manner, if you are searching for a company, including its partial name along with city or zip code will get you right where you want to go. The more simple words you use for searching, the better results you will get from Google search.

2.       Use Most Likely Words For Google Search

Google search engine is a program, not a human being; therefore, it will only match the words you used in Google search, in different websites to give you results. Therefore, by using the words that are most likely to be used on the website you are looking for, will help you to get better search results. For instance, instead of searching for “my head feels like exploding” you should just search for “chronic headache” or “migraine” because these are the terms that will be actually used by medical help or a medical professional’s website.  

3.      Describe Your Needs In Few Words 

With the addition of precise words in your query, you can limit the results that you will get to a targeted search result. Keep in mind that using too many keywords in your query will limit the amount of information you will get regarding anything that you are looking for. For instance, to search for weather updates, instead of using “weather report from Chicago”, you should search for “weather Chicago”.

The Search Results Page
The aim of Goole search is to provide its users with easy to read and clear search results. That is why, the basic search results includes title of the webpage, short description of the page or an actual excerpt, and the URL of the webpage. 

Your search results will become more useful and informative when you follow these basic tips for Google search. So, always make sure to follow these tips and if there are some other tips that can help the basic user to find better search results, then please feel free to comment so that your knowledge can be shared with the rest of the world.