Why Do Girls Lie?

June 26, 2012 - Posted by Tolzoh

I know it's a controversial topic but I noticed a lot of people searching the internet for "why do girls lie so much." So I'll start by quoting the words of the great Dr. House "Everybody Lies.” But since it's a world driven by men, they think that women are the only ones who lie in a relationship or may be all the time. Well, this might be true, but men lie too – some all the time, especially when they are in a relationship. A fact I read a few days or weeks ago went something like this;

"Men lie twice as much in a relationship, as compared to women"

and being a man, I agree to this fact that men do lie a lot in relationships, but that can be regarded as love or protecting your loved ones because people are so afraid of losing that they would do just about anything to stay close to their loved ones, even if it means lying to them, when the situation requires them to be honest. This thing goes both ways because women lie for the same reasons as men do. This thing has been going on since the dawn of men and women. So what is to be done here?

Stop Judging: 

I blame the movies and TV series for this one. Because they make it look so cool, someone being know-it-all. I blame Sherlock Holmes for this more, because that bastard judges everyone. But then again, Shirley is rarely wrong about people. Why? Because his judgment is based on facts and logic and he's a fictional character so he can afford to be wrong. You are not, so you cannot judge, especially the person you are in a relationship with, even if you have a feeling in your gut that they might be lying to you.

Be Considerate and Communicate: 

Assuming negative things is a bad idea when in a relationship because assuming leads to all sorts of misconceptions such as thinking that the one you love is lying to you! The best way to deal with this problem is to ‘Communicate’. This advice is for both men and women. Women, you have to understand that men were never psychic and they probably never will be (evolution doesn't works that fast). I know that you want the one you love to understand you, but that is not going to happen unless you tell him things in a clear manner. Leaving things on the universe will let things spiraling around and it will come back to bite you in the ass. Same goes for men as well, if you want to say something, say it or write it – I find writing a better way to express things because it allows you to keep your thoughts composed and helps you say what you want to say in a clear manner.

Don’t be Mad – Be Reasonable: 

I have a great friend on facebook and she gets mad at me quiet often. I know people might say that it’s not the same as being in a relationship and I know it’s kinda not. What I’m trying to say is that, we all know how long online friendships lasts and at the first sign of fight or an offence, we curse and block each other, especially if the other person is a random stranger or someone you’ve just known for 6 months or so. I managed to pull this friendship this far only because I never made a decision when either one of was mad. There have been plenty of times when she was mad at me (mostly because of something I said or something she read wrong), but I didn’t ran away to the delete and block options just because she heard me wrong or I heard her wrong. Almost all of the times, I slept over her being mad at me and/or me being mad at her, and looked at things in the morning with a fresh mind and guess what? She’s still my friend. 

When you are mad, you make the worse decisions of your life. Just keep that in mind!

 “All fingers are not the same” – Proverb

Judging someone is wrong and even more so when you do it based on your past experiences. You cannot judge someone based on your assumptions. Everyone has faults; it is what makes them different. Learn to live with it and try not to change it. When you poke at faults in each other, it will lead to nowhere good. When you assume things instead of communicating, it will create misconceptions and complicate things. Most importantly, all of it will eventually damage the trust the two of you have and when trust is lost, it is over for the both of you.

Please leave a comment and correct me if I am wrong or mistakenly offended anyone. Because I never meant to be either one. I know my perspective and yours will be obviously different. So no need to argue on that. thanks for reading. :)