7 Things You Should AVOID If You Want To Improve Your Life

August 11, 2012 - Posted by Tolzoh

I do not have the right answer to what you should do to improve or change your life, but I would say that I’m aware of the things that make you miserable, unmotivated, depressed etc. Here we go:

  • Not getting enough sleep: Some of us tend to think that it’s okay to just get a few hours of sleep each day, and then “gain enough” sleep during the weekend. That is a bunch of crap. Lack of sleep has a negative impact on your concentration, mood, metabolism and energy level.
  • Have blind faith in your feelings: Your mind/ego tends to be an asshole. It wants you to stay in your comfort zone, so it encourages you to stick to the state of mind that makes you miserable. It tells you that you can not (for example) exercise, meet new people or seek a therapist because those things are “deadly and unsafe”. You should question your feelings. “Am I going to die if I go for a walk?”, “Do people hate me, or is that just my imagination?”, “What’s the worst thing that can happen, if I try something new?”.
  • Stay in your comfort zone: As I mentioned in the second point; Your comfort zone is in most cases your worst enemy. You should try the things that seem uncomfortable and scary. You learn and grow from new experiences. PS: There’s a reason certain things seem scary. and deadly, and that’s because they are harmful/deadly. Just to make sure that you don’t make any stupid decisions: Be smart! Don’t do drugs and so on.
  • Be anti-social: You are more likely to get an objective answer to your questions about your problems from a person, than from your mind. They might look at your problems from a different point of view, and give you ideas that you haven’t thought of. Besides; Focusing on other people and what they’re saying, might make you focus on other things than yourself. It’s often the “me, me, me” thoughts that make you miserable.
  • Be passive: Sitting in a chair all day is not good for your body or your mind. It will only enhance your destructive mindset. Exercise, meet a friend, do your chores, sign up for a course, etc. DO SOMETHING!
  • Not taking care of your body: Your mind and your body are connected. A happy body equals a happy mind :-) Suggestions: Exercise, get enough sleep, avoid excessive amounts of alcohol (Or preferably; Don’t drink at all), avoid drugs, eat healthy food and so on.
  • Avoid meeting new people: Your family, your friends or some of the people in your community MIGHT be the ones who make you miserable. Meeting new people might inspire you, give you new ideas or give you the motivation you need.
I hope this helps a little bit.