30 Best Video Game Inspired Desserts

July 2, 2012 - Posted by Tolzoh
 When you love a game, you want to play it all day long and if not, you want to dress and act like its characters and so on. But did you really thought about having a cake themed after your favorite game. Well, this is something that you CAN do because what you are about to witness here is a list of 30 cakes and deserts themed after some of your all time favorite games. So here we go!

Portal Cupcakes

Portal cupcakes are just amazing to look at and even more amazing is that you can make them yourself by following the recipe here.

Halo Cake

No one could've done a better job than it is seen in the picture. There are no words to describe how amazingly delicious and exciting this cake looks. So dig in!

Gears Cake

This Gears cake looks exactly like – well Gears! Just so you know that red thingi on it is supposed to be blood, but since its a cake, you are free to eat it without grossing out. 

Okami Cake

The Okami Cake is not only artistic, but it looks equally delicious as well. It is a shame that someone would be responsible for cutting it into pieces with a knife.

Mario Cupcakes

The whole lineup of these Mario cupcakes tells a story. Apparently, Mario is on his way to save Peach. Let’s hope no one interrupts Mario’s quest by eating away a level or two.

Angry Birds Cake

Angry Birds Cake? Not a surprise knowing that it is one of The Most popular games. But you know what is a surprise? The cake is not filled with Pork! It’s an actual cake.

Fallout Cake

The dream of every Fallout fan is to devour the Eyebot. Well, now they can because the Eyebot is helpless and looks really delicious and I wouldn’t mind poking it just to get a taste of it.

Guitar Hero II Cake

If you want to be famous – maybe eating the tools that make you famous might help! Just kidding! The Guitar Hero II cake looks exactly like a guitar, which makes it perfect to smash in someone’s head – no reason needed to smash cake in someone’s face. Right?

Sackboy Cake 

Sackboy is on top of the world. His next destination is inside someone’s tummy.

Windwaker Cake

The Windwaker cake is simply adorable and I cannot imagine someone cutting it into pieces. Just makes me sad and hungry so things can go either way.

Yummy Metroids  

Everyone who knows about Metroids would be terrified to know they are out in the wild. But just look at them, they look delicious and those cashew arms just look ummm.

Katamaris Desert

It’s a never ending ball of deliciousness because if you roll one around, it will pick up other deserts! So like I said, a never ending ball of deliciousness. You can learn to make it yourself here.  

Portal Cake

This time, it really is a cake – a Portal cake.

Super Smash Bros – Kirby Cake

Doesn’t he look cute, but we gota eat him because in the game, this cute little fella ain’t so cute when he sucks you up. Don’t give into those “don’t devour me eyes of Kirby”.

Majora’s Mask Cake

It is not recommended to ‘put on’ the Majora’s Mask cake without having a piece of it first.

Street Fighter IV Cake

Although the Street Fighter IV cake just has sugary image on it (yeah they can do that but only with special printers and sugar paper), but still the buttons and the fight stick look tempting enough to make someone start smashing them. I would be cautious while eating the fight stick because it looks like a real fight stick.

Sonic Cake

No rings for Sonic today. Just a knife to the face because he seems to be asking for it.

Skyrim Sigil Brownies

The Skyrim Sigil brownies make the perfect desert especially when you are busy playing it. You can learn to make these from Snack or Die.

StarCraft Cake

Eating the StarCraft cake seems less frustrating as compared to playing a full game on zerg. The detail on this cake is just awesome, although a little rough around the edges but still awesome.

Minecraft Cake

The cake you will get in the Minecraft theme will be a smaller than your average cake. So make sure to enjoy it well. Recipe can be found on Gourmet Gaming.

Core Cake

The detail on the Core cake is so amazing that no one can guess it’s actually a cake. I think we’ll just have to disassemble it for proper examination – and taste.

Mario Cake

It would be a huge disappointment for a grownup if Mario pops out of a cake instead of stripper. Since the cake seems decorated for someone under-aged, it seems just about right to eat him before he escapes into a pipe.

Pyro Cake

He wouldn’t be called Pyro if he doesn’t lights everything up. Let’s all hope that Josh got a chance to cut the cake before Pyro burned it all down. 

World of Warcraft Cake

The WOW cake looks so amazing that I want to hang it on my wall or maybe not. The detail on this cake tells us that it was made by a baker who loves World of Warcraft because such a dedication can only be given by a gamer-baker who loves World of Warcraft.

Zelda Cake

Get ready to slice a head off because that seems to be the only way to get a good slice out of this cake or you can start from its shoulders. 

Chain Chomp Cake

Although it doesn’t looks as sleek as other cakes on this list, but still it looks delicious and edible like most cakes on this list.

Halo Cake

The Halo cake is in this list for another head! Yup we are going to crack that helmet and see what’s underneath it.

Mortal Kombat Cake

Honey what’s for desert this evening? A Dragon cake dear! The Mortal Kombat cake is only for winners and in my opinion, everyone who has played this game, deserves a piece of this cake.

Mario Goomba Cake

Eat him before he eats you! This Mario cake is in this list only because of how amazing it is and yeah, delicious too.

Call of Duty Black Ops Cake

If I were you, I wouldn’t take out the pin of the grenade even though it’s just a cake! Best thing to do is to eat the whole grenade as it is and use the gun on anyone you don’t want to share the cake with.