Top 10 Lies Girls Tell Guys

August 23, 2011 - Posted by Tolzoh

10. I Will Never Hurt You


This lie is a classic example of a girl trying to cover her a*s. A girl’s boyfriend may be so completely charmed that he turns blind to a clearly bullshit-lie like this one. When a girl tells her boyfriend this, it usually means that she’s trying pretty hard to make him fall in love with her — and will say anything to make it happen. She might hurt you but she will try her best not to.

9. I Weigh


Here’s the thing. Women don’t lie about their weight because of you. Their reasons for doing it have everything to do with them. Not all women lie about their weight, but some do, and they do it for all kinds of reasons. Because they want to weigh less, because they want to weigh more, because they’re not sure and that number sounds about right. Women and their weight are a mysterious relationship with which you may not want to interfere.

8. You Deserve Someone Much Better

Dude.. she has someone else. Pack it up and head on…she’s ready to dump you now by perfect combination of tricks and emotions. She obviously has some issues and is testing you by walking away, she’s testing you to see if you will chase her and catch her and make her feel like she’s worth something.

7. I’m Not Mad

These are quite possibly the most dangerous three words in the English language. Because if she’s saying she’s not mad, then it means she’s livid. So, why does she keep saying it? She thinks that if she says it enough times it will make it true. But alas, as you and I both know, that’s not true. So, I suggest you hide all the things you love and run for cover because it’s only a matter of time before her head explodes from all the seething anger coursing through her veins.

6. I’m Not Like Other Girls

Definitely, gals are arithmetic system. They add trouble, subtract pleasure, divide attention, and multiply ignorance. Now give me a break….they will respect you less and continue to make you compromise who you are. The race is identical but species have an irritating character to show themselves superior from each other.

5. I Have Never Nor Would I Ever Cheat On You

If you’re not watching Tough Love: Couples, you should be. The number one cause of screaming fights? Cheating. Or, more specifically, lying about cheating. It’s not easy to tell someone when you’ve messed up; the fallout can be brutal. Remember: What you don’t know can spare you.

4. It’s Not You, It’s Me

Nevertheless, it is a relevant line, which addresses a common grey area in a lot of relationships. It is hard to be honest in this situation. Best advice, act like you are not worried about, try to go out and mingle with other people. You don’t need her, there are lot of other fishes in the sea.

3. You’re The Best

Are you starting to notice a trend? Most lies girls tell are linked to your man-meat. Because everyone knows that any good relationship is based on telling your guy how awesome he is in bed. She can’t very well push you off of her and say “What the hell are you doing?” A girl with any kind of manners at all would never do such a thing. She knows that the best time to talk about your sexual prowess, or lack thereof, is not 5 minutes after you thought you made her climax. Keep in mind, this lie also goes hand in hand with faking an orgasm.

2. I Like You But Its Just That I Am Not ‘In’ Love With You


It’s pretty terrible generalization to make, both logically and out of common sense. It sucks, it sucks big time, it sucks the big one, but she’s only giving you what she’s experiencing inside, around you at that given moment.. it’s not a thing like a brick wall in a hallway that can only fit your body.

1. You Are A Wonderful Guy

A woman’s language speaks for itself. Bingo! It’s so obvious, right guys? Women are cunning and manipulative in nature and they love to make you realize that your perceptions are amazing. Doesn’t matter how logical she is or what she says, the moment she gets into a situation with a boy where it’s on, her emotions will take over, and she will try to justify it with logic later on.

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