Good News for Android Fans – Google Nexus 7 Tablet Is Now Available

July 3, 2012 - Posted by Tolzoh

The wait is over for those android fans who were anxiously waiting for an android tablet. Google’s Nexus 7 is Google’s replay to the requests of its faithful customers who love android based gadgets more than anything. This 7-inch tablet is perfect for one hand use and has some amazing features that will blow your mind. Moreover, the nexus 7 is far better than its competitors in each and every aspect and it would not be wrong to say that the Nexus 7 destroys the Kindle Fire and whatever it stands for. 

However, Google does not seem to be targeting Apple’s iPad with its tablet as some people might have thought it would. So, for now Apple can rest assured that its clientele is safe from Google, but the same cannot be said about Amazon’s Kindle and Nook tablet from Barnes and Nobel Inc.

What’s Interesting About Nexus 7?

Google made it very clear with Nexus 7 that it is the best media-centric tablet that people can find in the markets. The nexus 7 is running on Android 4.1 “Jelly Bean” and users who are shifting to Nexus 7 from Kindle do not have to worry about bugs. Kindle only had bugs because it was extremely customized by Amazon to fit their needs, which rather created an Amazon version of android. So, android is not to be blamed for the bugs in Kindle for this matter. What Google did with Nexus 7 is that, they designed the Nexus 7 around the latest version of Android (Android 4.1) and for this, they got help from their trusted partner Asus. Asus was responsible to build the device with Google’s help – the end result (Nexus 7), is nothing short of amazing.

The LCD of Nexus 7 is 1280 x 800 IPS (in-plane switching) topped by a durable Gorilla Glass to ensure its protection. Although, the Nexus 7’s display is not retina display; but it is still far better than most gadgets in its line. Nexus 7 feels superb in the user’s hands and the material used on the back side of it gives user a solid grip. The weight of the Nexus 7 is nothing to worry about because it weighs just 12 ounces, which is almost half the weight of an iPad. Nexus 7 is highly portable for a tablet, but sadly it does not have an option for 4G LTE connectivity. Let us hope that it is somehow added as soon as possible.

Google designed its tablet to ensure user satisfaction and users will be satisfied once they use Nexus 7, which is now available for a price of $199. Yes the price is the same as Amazon’s Kindle, but as mentioned earlier, Nexus 7 is a far better option than a Kindle in each and every aspect. So, Android fans or not, Nexus 7 is the best thing to have right now rather than Kindle or Nook tablet. If you are thinking about buying a tablet, then you do not have to look any further because Nexus 7 answers all of your calls about what you needed in a tablet.