10 Best Web Apps for an Amazing Twitter Experience

August 24, 2012 - Posted by Tolzoh
Twitter recently achieved a new milestone of 500 million users, making it the second largest Social Network in the world. And along with the rise of Twitter, rises those third-party websites that have sprouted all over the internet with the single aim of enhancing your Twitter experience.

Here we have collected some of our favourite Web Apps, which will help you to get more out of Twitter.

1. Conweets

If you wish to follow a conversation between two Twitter users, whether it's two of your friends or two celebrities, then head to Conweets. After signing up using your Twitter account, just type the Twitter handles of the users and you are done.

2. TweetChat

If you are following certain Hashtag, TweetChat can make your life a lot more easier. Sign in using Twitter, and just type in the hashtag you wish to follow, you will be displayed with all the recent Tweets with that hashtag. And every Tweet that you type in then, will be automatically appended with that Hashtag.

3. Twinitor

Twitter's default Search tool, though recently modified, is not that efficient and precise. So for this job, we have Twinitor, a search engine for searching the latest tweets based on a word, phrase, hashtag or a user. There is one more similar Web App, SnapBird which is also very capable of searching almost anything on another user's Timeline on Twitter.

4. Twicsy

Twitter is used by millions of people daily to upload pictures, So if you wish to search for pictures on this Micro Blogging Social Network, Twicsy is the best real time search engine for that. Twitcaps is also a similar Web App.

5. 140it

If you have a hard time trying to shrink your long tweet into 140 characters limit, 140it is your resort. It may turn your message a bit grammatically incorrect, but it makes it permissible for tweeting. shortenTweet is another such service.

6. Twuffer

When you need to schedule a Tweet to be posted in future, just got to Twuffer. Sign in, save your message to be tweeted, set the date and time, and you are done. Just do set the Timezone right. FutureTweets is another such Web App.

7. Pollowers

This one is an amazing Web App that lets you ask your followers to Poll for any question you ask them. Pollowers lets you write a question, provide options and set duration.

8. Digestly

Digestly sends daily, weekly or monthly the Tweets from selected users by email. If you are following a lot of users, you might overlook Tweets from one or two of your favorites. Digestly solves this problem by sending those Tweets to your inbox. A simple App to make sure a good Tweet isn't missed out in all the clutter.

9. TwileShare

Need to share a file via Twitter, be it a PDF, Doc, MP3, Zip or another format? Just go to TwileShare, sign in using Twitter, upload your file and you're done. Twitfile is a similar service.

10. Penolo

Sometimes words aren't enough to convey what you wish to say, and you might need to draw out something. Penolo provides basic drawing tools and canvas for your use. When you are done drawing just annotate it with a tweet and send it out.