Battlefield 3 - Case Mod

June 15, 2012 - Posted by Tolzoh

Who wants a Battlefield 3 case like this one? I know I do! So, why not see how to make one for ourselves or get one custom made.

Tower case fully dismantled for custom paint.

Scuffing surface of steel chassis parts, plastic bezel with Red Scothbrite Pad, to create paint adhesion for the Primer. The name badge in the bezel was filled with Evercoat’s Everglass” Fiberglass “short hair” filler.

Dissected and Magnified each segment from camouflage pattern on 8.5″ x 11″ paper. Each segment was traced and cut in cardboard for individual stencils.

RUSTOLEUM Specialty series “camouflage” paints. You can purchase these from Home Depot.

After paint job.

Camouflaged motherboard tray because the entire interior needs to be painted.

The recessed PC handles are ready for installation and spring loaded, so they don’t flop while transporting your PC.

Using stencil included with handles along with measuring square to determine exact location for the recessed PC handles.

Using 1.5″ Dremel reinforced cutting wheel to cut opening for the recessed PC handles.

Using 1/4″ drill bit for mounting holes of the recessed handles.

 Cutting 3/16″ thick aluminum Diamond Plate to use as accent plates for the handles.

Khaki base coat applied to the Diamond Plate accent plates.

Recessed PC handles and diamond plate installed and painted.

Airbrushed effect of side panel being peeled back.

Iwata’s HP-CH airbrush gun used for painting this part.

Glowing effect airbrushed on the BF3 Marine.

Black outline airbrushed on BF3 Marine. A flat clear will be applied over the finished mural.

BF3 stencil on the left side panel.

Airbrushed bullet holes and scratched paint effects on the access panel.

To create bullet holes in the cast acrylic PC window sheet, using #9901 Dremel Attachment Tungsten Carbide Cutter for Engraving.

Using Dremel to create bullet holes...

The illusion of bullet holes, created in the custom paint and made in the cast acrylic PC window sheet.

The case is finished and ready for new hardware to start playing Battlefield 3. Please leave a comment if you liked this post. Thanks for reading.