6 Things That Will Simultaneously Save And Ruin You

July 20, 2012 - Posted by Tolzoh
1. Being a Cat Lady

Can lead to suicide! A new study says parasites in cat litter boxes can trigger suicidal tendencies in the human brain.

But! Having a cat can prevent heart attacks, some scientists say.

2. Drinking Coffee

Can protect against skin cancer, says a recent study.

But you can forget it if you're desperately trying to get pregnant. Another recent study says coffee will hurt your chances of successfully conceiving through IVF.

3. Eating a Low Fat Diet

Can cause nausea and severe mood swings in women. A recent study found that women who didn't get enough fat were unhappy, and as a result were suffering at work and in relationships.

But a 2009 study said low-fat diets would actually leave dieters hoping to lose weight the happiest.

4. Working

Working long hours causes women gain weight, says a recent survey.

But a 2006 study found that working mothers are healthier than those who stay at home.

5. Taking Vitamin D Supplements

Can prevent bone fractures in older women, when taken in large quantities, scientists have shown.

But the government also recently put out a recommendation saying they don't recommend taking Vitamin D supplements. The supplements can possibly cause kidney stones, and the government says there isn't substantial proof of its benefits.

6. Taking Calcium Supplements

Can cause kidney stones and heart attacks, says government research.

But other scientists disagree and think it will make you live longer. They say the research was flawed and misinterpreted and that you should actually take tons of calcium supplements.